Sentence Examples

  • It contains in fact nothing more questionable than an attempted deduction of the orthodox Nicene doctrine, unpalatable, however, to Edwards's immediate disciples, who were too little speculative to appreciate his statement of the subordination of the " persons " in the divine " oeconomy," and who openly derided the doctrine of the eternal generation of the Son as " eternal nonsense "; and this perhaps was the original reason why the essay was not published.
  • C. Smyth published from a copy Observations Concerning the Scripture Oeconomy of the Trinity and Covenant of Redemption (New York, 1880), a careful edition from the manuscript of the essay on the Flying Spider (in the Andover Review, January 1890) and " Some Early Writings of Jonathan Edwards," with specimens from the manuscripts (in Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, October, 1895).