Sentence Examples

  • Its principal tributaries are the Thaya, the Hanna, the Iglawa with the Zwittawa and the Schwarzawa, &c. The Oder also rises among the mountains in the north-east of Moravia, but soon turns to the north and quits the country.
  • In 1682 he returned to London, where he wrote the Chemischer Gliickshafen oder grosse Concordanz and Collection von 1500 Processen and died in October of the same year.
  • He studied at Halle, and became professor of philosophy at Halle and at Frankfort on the Oder, where he died in 1762.
  • Einseitige Schollengebirge oder Schollenrandgebirge- Scarp or tilted block mountains.
  • His results were published in his Anfangsgriinden der Stochiometrie oder Messkunst chemischer Elemente (1792-94), and Ober die neueren Gegenstande in der Chemie (1792-1802), but it was long before they were properly appreciated, or he himself was accorded due credit for them.