Sentence Examples

  • High, runs north-west past Czcnstochowa, separating the Oder from the Warta (Warthe).
  • - Russian Poland belongs mostly, though not entirely, to the basin of the Vistula - its western parts extending into the upper basin of the Warta, a tributary of the Oder, and its north-east spur (Suwalki) penetrating into the basin of the Memel, of which it occupies the left bank.
  • The Warta (450 m.) rises in the Czenstochowa hills, 900 ft.
  • Another canal, to the west of Leczyca, connects the Bzura, a tributary of the Vistula, with the Ner and the Warta; and the bed of the former has been altered so as to obtain regular irrigation of the meadows along its banks.
  • Another group of small lakes is situated in the basin of the Warta (north part of Kalisz), the largest being Goplo, 18 m.

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