Sentence Examples

  • The eye-pieces or oculars through which, in case of visual observations, the primary images formed by the objective are viewed, are of quite secondary importance as regards definition in the central portion of the field of view.
  • This Is Produced In The Same Amount, But In The Opposite Sense, By The Oculars, Which Are Used With These Objectives (" Compensating Oculars "), So That It Is Eliminated In The Image Of The Whole Microscope.
  • Bury himself, however, has inflicted a severe blow on the theory by his proof that the so-called oculars of Echinoidea, which were supposed to represent the radials, are homologous with the "terminals" (i.e.
  • The weak compensation oculars resemble a Huygenian eyepiece with achromatic eye-lens, whilst the more powerful ones are of a different construction.

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