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  • Procopius's theological writings consist of commentaries on the Octateuch, the books of Kings and Chronicles, Isaiah, the Proverbs, the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.
  • The Pentateuch, together with Joshua, Judges and Ruth, with which it is usually united in Greek MSS., makes up the Octateuch; the Pentateuch and Joshua together have recently been named the Hexateuch.
  • The Mosul MS. contains the whole Bible in the Peshitto version, followed by the Syrian " Clementine Octateuch, " i.e., the collection of ecclesiastical law, in eight books, which was used by the Nestorians and 1 § 14 of the Introduction to R.
  • The Syrian Octateuch, the Egyptian Heptateuch, and the Ethiopic Sinodos.

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