Sentence Examples

  • Copper, mercury, and iron ores, as also pure copper, ochre and sulphur, are found in the peninsula.
  • In the Woldeba district hermits dress in ochre-yellow cloths, while the priests of some sects wear hides dyed red.
  • Manufactures of ochre, of which there are quarries in the vicinity, and of iron goods are carried on.
  • Minerals which were not mined commercially in 1902 include asbestos, which occurs in Spartanburg and Pickens counties; fullers'-earth; graphite in Spartanburg and Greenville counties; iron ores in the north and north-west portions of the state; iron pyrites in Spartanburg and York counties; talc, bismuth, ochre, pyrites, ' galena, brown coal, malachite, phosphate of lead and barytes.
  • Limonite in the form of ochre occurs in considerable quantity.