Sentence Examples

  • It's designed to play up a woman's natural beauty with feminine detailing and colors that aren't too distracting (think black, nude and other soft colors less obtrusive than a whisper, with the occasional red thrown in the mix).
  • Some individuals may find wind turbines an obtrusive feature to the landscape that can detract from the scenic quality of a neighborhood or area, perhaps even affecting property values.
  • Although patent leather is taking front and center on the fashion runways this season, its less obtrusive sister is kicking back on the rack just waiting to be paired with anything and everything in your closet.
  • This isn't always obtrusive, and may be exactly what you're looking for, since some companies also kick back a portion of any sales made through your site (known as affiliate programs).
  • Noggin provides programming for preschoolers which is free of the commercials which parents may find obtrusive and annoying when considering what shows to allow their children watch.