Observant Definition

Strict in observing, or keeping, a law, custom, duty, rule, etc.
Observant of the rules of etiquette.
Webster's New World
Perceptive or alert.
Webster's New World
Paying careful attention; keenly watchful.
Webster's New World
Designating or of a person who adheres strictly to traditional religious practices.
Webster's New World
The definition of observant is someone who is good at noticing things, or someone who follows the rules and requirements of a particular religion.
A person who always spots when you get a new haircut or a new outfit is an example of someone who is observant.
A Jew who keeps Kosher and who follows all of the rules of his religion is an example of an observant Jew.
Webster's New World

A member of a Franciscan order that strictly observes the rules of St. Francis.


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