Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately, this free numerology compatibility site will not compare two separate sets of numbers, but if you are willing to do some of the research yourself, putting two and two together should be relatively easy.
  • Although palmistry, like astrology, numerology, and many other predictive crafts are mostly regarded as pseudosciences and even complete shams by the academic community, these ancient arts still hold a following.
  • Here, because numerology is all about math, the all important birth date is reduced to a number, or a series of numbers, that deals with personality, "destiny" and the like.
  • The site consists of four areas of interest including horoscopes, tarot, Chinese astrology and numerology, which can be accessed from the menu near the top of each page.
  • The science behind numerology is simple, yet many people are confused by the various formulas used for specific calculations that can then be used to create a report.