Sentence Examples

  • The attitude of Paul toward glossolaly among his converts strikingly resembles Plato's opinion as expressed in the Timaeus, p. 72, of the enthusiastic ecstasies of the ancient µav ns (soothsayer).
  • (5) The change of final -ns to -f as in the ace.
  • AB is the rod and C the middle point of its axis; NS is the magnetometer needle; AM bisects the undeflected needle NS at right angles.
  • 8 (2) (4) e, rs /c e ns/c + I' (2) cos n0= cos na-N e' 31 ' - cos'na' cos 2 na sin2n0 (8) sin 2 n0 - sin2na' he intrinsic equation, the other free surface A'P'J' being given by e m /?
  • He is by some credited with a work entitled Ns 7repioSos ("Travels round the Earth"), in two books, one on Europe, the other on Asia, in which were described the countries and inhabitants of the known world, the account of Egypt being especially comprehensive; the descriptive matter was accompanied by a map, based upon Anaximander's map of the earth, which he corrected and enlarged.