Sentence Examples

  • Scientists from Notre-Dame examined the effect of school uniforms in Miami-Dade county in Florida, taking into account other variables such as economic class, race, and more.
  • The massive cathedral at Chartres (properly named Notre-Dame de Chartres or "Our Lady of Chartres) dominates the view throughout the town.
  • The chief survivals from the demolition are the huge square citadel, which rises to the east of the town, the château de Selles, a good specimen of the military architecture of the 13th century, and, among other gates, the Porte Notre-Dame, a stone and brick structure of the early 17th century.
  • Notre-Dame du Fort, the chief church, dates from the nth and 12th' centuries; irregular in plan, it is remarkable for a fine Romanesque tower and spire, and for the crenellated wall which partly surrounds it.
  • Other interesting old churches are those of St Sauveur, St Michel de Vaucelles, St Jean, St Gilles, Notre-Dame de la Gloriette, St Etienne le Vieux and St Nicolas, the last two now secularized.