Sentence Examples

  • It would take hours to fill a single bladder to trade to the northerners for their support.
  • Whether this control had a good or bad effect is still disputed, the Southern whites and many Northerners holding that the results of the bureau's work were distinctly bad, while others hold that much good resulted from its work.
  • Its centre is Monument Square, in Merrimack Street, where are a granite monument to the first Northerners killed in the Civil War, Luther C. Ladd and A.
  • Aiken is a fashionable winter resort, chiefly frequented by Northerners, and is pleasantly situated about Soo ft.
  • By increasing his dominions at the expense of the Gallas, he still further roused the jealousy of the northerners, and a treaty which he concluded with Ras Ali against Kassa in 1850 determined the latter to crush him at the earliest opportunity.