Sentence Examples

  • A Free Enquiry into the Causes of the very great Esteem that the Nonconforming Preachers are generally in with their Followers (1673) has been attributed to Eachard on insufficient grounds.
  • But the development of manufactures, the discontent of nonconforming religious sects with the establishment, and the confusion of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government in the existing constitution opened the way for a political revolution.
  • Century there was constant friction between the establishment and the nonconforming churches; but in 1791 the right of free incorporation was granted to all sects.
  • The patriot sentiment was so strong that Loyalists from other colonies were sent to Connecticut, where it was believed they would have no influence; and the copper mines at Simsbury were converted into a military prison; but among the nonconforming sects, on the other hand, there was considerable sympathy for the British cause.
  • He drew up articles aimed at nonconforming ministers, and obtained increased powers for the Court of High Commission.