Sentence Examples

  • The island forms part of the modern nomos of Attica and Boeotia, of which it forms an eparchy.
  • It forms an eparchy of the nomos of Cephalonia in the kingdom of Greece, and its population, which was 9873 in 1870, is now about 13,000.
  • Boeotia is at present a Nomos with Livadia (the old Turkish capital) for its centre; the other surviving townships are quite unimportant.
  • Portion; the latter (17 g Ecw, called also simply Libya, or Libyae nomos), between Egypt and Marmarica, was so called as having once formed an Egyptian "nome."
  • The metrical form of the oracular responses at Delphi, the important part played by the paean and the Pythian nomos in his ritual, contributed to make Apollo a god of song and music, friend and leader of the Muses (µovvayErr i s).