Sentence Examples

  • During the New Empire, except at the beginning, the nomes seem to have been almost entirely ignored: under the Deltaic dynasties (except of course in the traditions of the sacred writing) they were named after the metropolis, as the province (tosh) of Busiris, the province of Sais, &c.: hence the Greek names Bownptr,ls vojs~, &c. The Arsinoite nome was added by the Ptolemies after the draining of the Lake of Moeris (qv.), and in the later Ptolemaic and the Roman times many changes and additions to the list must have been made.
  • Sioout), capital of the 13th nome of Upper Egypt.
  • He gave her name to a number of cities, and also to a district (nome) of Egypt.'
  • Each nome had its metropolis, normally the seat of a governor or nomarch and the centre of its religious observances.
  • ~ the nome of the dog Anubis, the 17th or Cynopolite nome of Upper Egypt.