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  • KALAMATA (officially Kaaaµae, from an ancient town near the site), chief town of the modern Greek nomarchy of Messenia in the Morea, situated on the left bank of the Nedon, about m.
  • Epakto), a town in the nomarchy of Acarnania and Aetolia, Greece, situated on a bay on the north side of the straits of Lepanto.
  • Corfu (Corcyra) with Paxo; Cephalonia; Santa Maura (Levkas) with Thiaki (Ithaca) and Zante (Zacynthos) each form separate nomarchies or departments; Cerigo (Cythera) forms part of the nomarchy of Laconia.
  • TRIPOLITSA, officially Tripolis, a town of Greece, capital of the nomarchy of Arcadia, and the seat of an archbishop, situated in a plain over 2,000 ft.

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