Sentence Examples

  • Recently some investigations by Haberlandt, Noll, Darwin and others have suggested an explanation which has much to recomrtiend it.
  • Noll, A Short History of Mexico (Chicago, 1903); Santiago Ramirez, Noticia historica de la riqueza mineira de Mexico (Mexico, 1884); Friedrich Ratzel, Aus Mexico: Reiseskizzen aus den Jahren 1874-1876 (Breslau, 1878); Matias Romero, Geographical and Statistical Notes on Mexico (New York, 1898); idem, Mexico and the United States (New York, 1898); E.
  • Noll adopts mercury because it is easily purified, and its physical condition in the liquid state is determinate; there is, however, a discontinuity involved in passing from the liquid to the solid state at a temperature of -40° C., and it cannot be used at all with some metals, such as lead, on account of the rapidity with which it dissolves them.
  • Noll employed mercury thermometers, but as he worked over a small range with vapour baths, it is probable that he did not experience any trouble from immersion corrections.
  • Within the last Kochlorine (Noll, 1872) with two species, and Lithoglyptes (Aurivillius, 1892) with three species, have since been included.