Sentence Examples

  • After all, watching Noggin programming is fun and surfing the various games offered on the website can be an entertaining activity with your kids, but nothing beats reading a book together for your child's intellectual development.
  • Although full-length Sesame Street episodes are not a regular feature on the Noggin lineup of shows, Play With Me Sesame is a regular show and is billed as an interactive Sesame Street program with a run time of thirty minutes.
  • While offers lots of games for older children, Noggin games for kids, or Nick Jr., brings games and activities to the younger crowd-toddlers and preschoolers, as well as some games for early elementary-aged kids.
  • You won't need to find the country with "a flag that was red and white" or the nation whose currency is the rupee, but you will be charged with interesting tasks that may get that ol' noggin of yours going.
  • Parents can also find detailed descriptions for each show featured on the Noggin channel, including which characters are featured in the show and what developmental advantage the show is purported to have.