Sentence Examples

  • Lachmann, Ann., 1895, 288, p. 297): N02 NK C02K+H2S04 = NH2N02+K2S04+C02.
  • L aa k -x 2 d d- = 0; Z(nk)ak+l adk - x ldd2=0; or in the form d d 52-x 2(7 =0, O - x1ax2 = 0; where 0 = ao d a l + 2a 1 -?...+na,,_id an, 0 = nal dao -?
  • NK RI CO 2H20 [[Cooh C64 - ?
  • If the planes of one set divide it into m slabs of thickness h, and those of the other into n slabs of thickness k, so that H =mh, K = nk, then the values of x and of y for any ordinate may be denoted by xo+Oh and yo+Ok, and the length of the ordinate by uo, 0.
  • When heated to redness the amide is decomposed into ammonia and potassium nitride, NK 3, which is an almost black solid.