Sentence Examples

  • Maybe I could rally for a little nightcap after all.
  • Mary Hendrikhovna, a plump little blonde German, in a dressing jacket and nightcap, was sitting on a broad bench in the front corner.
  • We had such a fun time at Elisabeth's and when we got home we had a nightcap and went up to bed and, well, you know...When we were done, we talked for a while and then he asked me.
  • She sat in an armchair in her dressing jacket and nightcap and Katie, sleepy and disheveled, beat and turned the heavy feather bed for the third time, muttering to herself.
  • The first person Rostov met in the officers' ward was a thin little man with one arm, who was walking about the first room in a nightcap and hospital dressing gown, with a pipe between his teeth.