Sentence Examples

  • Its capital, also called Ghana, was west of the Niger, and is generally placed some zoo m.
  • In 1905 Liberia proposed to France that the boundary line should follow the river Moa from the British frontier of Sierra Leone up stream to near the source of the Moa (or Makona), and that from this point the boundary should run eastwards along the line of water-parting between the system of the Niger on the north and that of the coast rivers (Moa, Lofa, St Paul's) on the south, until the 8th degree of N.
  • At that period geographers regarded the Senegal as the termination of the Niger, a theory held until Mungo Park's demonstration of the eastward course of that stream.
  • Joalland, reached the lake from the middle Niger, continuing his journey round the north end to Kanem.
  • By the French colony of Upper Senegal and Niger, E.