Sentence Examples

  • Kami: This is what we think of as traditional origami paper, although it was actually developed in the 20th century.
  • It was here, at the Sakurada Gate, that Ii Kamon-no-Kami, prime minister of the shogun's government; was assassinated by the anti-foreign party in 1860.
  • 2 The Chinese Shin were similarly organized; so (less elaborately) were the Japanese Kami;" and the Roman lares, the old local land-gods, found their highest co-ordinating term in the Lares Augusti, just as the Genius was extended to the legion and the colony, and finally to Rome itself.
  • 8 Everywhere from birth to death the entire life of man is encompassed and guided by the Kami, which are sometimes reckoned at 8,000,000 in number.
  • S Out of the vast mass of undifferentiated powers certain functional deities appear; and the Kami of Japan to-day who preside over the gilds and crafts of industry and agriculture, over the trees and grasses of the field, the operations of the household, and even the kitchenrange, the saucepan, the rice-pot, the well, the garden, the scarecrow and the privy, have their counterparts in the lists of ancient Rome, the indigitamenta over whose contents Tertullian and Augustine made merry.