Sentence Examples

  • 1902 a nd the number of sheep and cattle in Australia had of P greatly diminished, but the year 1902 was one of veritable drought.
  • The next transmitter of note was that introduced by Francis Blake, which came into wide use in the United States of America a.nd other countries.
  • The P0 is itself navigable from Turin downwards, but through its delta it is so sandy that canals are preferred, the P0 di Volano ~.nd the P0 di Primaro on the right, and the Canale Bianco on the left.
  • Lodphenol is obtained by the action of iodine a.nd iodic acid on phenol dissolved in a dilute solution of caustic potash.
  • During the Russian Dark Ages certain clerical errors had crept into the liturgical books Reforms a nd certain peculiarities had been adopted in the ritual.