Sentence Examples

  • Since his cold had muted his sense of taste, Bob was ambivalent about what he ate for dinner.
  • Walnut cabinets from Gansu sit alongside painted cabinets from Shanxi -- muted over time to leave a wonderfully subtle appearance.
  • Since fall is a time of transition from the blazing summer months to the icy winter ones, it's easy to incorporate colors from each season into your palette, creating a beautiful blend of muted earth tones and bright flashes of color.
  • Chanel's fresh and muted designs are less severe than Prada and more discreet than Dior, making Chanel wallets perfect for the sophisticated and affluent consumer -- and affluent one must be in order to indulge in Chanel luxury.
  • Featured colored combinations include muted camos, greens, and beiges; sharp black and white stripes, bright turquoises, reds and oranges; rich striped color combinations such as mustard, rose, and indigo; and shiny metallics.