Sentence Examples

  • Letter Four: J or P: Everyone judges and perceives, but those who are judging dominant are said to be more methodical and results-oriented, while perceiving dominant personalities are good at multi-tasking and are flexible.
  • Multi-tasking products, eyeglasses and sunglasses included, can be exceptionally valuable in a fast-paced world where there's little time to fumble for the right pair of glasses, then switch them out.
  • In addition, many cosmetic companies manufacture makeup with built-in sunscreen, so you can enjoy the convenience of multi-tasking products that will also protect you.
  • The 1950's saw Red Cross evolve into a multi-tasking organization with significant enough infrastructure to sufficiently cover many disasters simultaneously.
  • Many have a tremendous lingerie wardrobe; bras and panties in every color imaginable and multi-tasking shapers to help take them from day to night.