Sentence Examples

  • After all, an increasing number of people are getting rid of their iPods and other MP3 players in favor of a "convergence device" that combines the utility of a digital camera, a portable music player, a digital organizer, and a cell phone.
  • BestBuy, for example, is one of the largest electronics stores in North America, not only selling you a widescreen TV, dishwasher, MP3 player, and cell phone, but also video game titles and accessories for just about every current console.
  • These days, most cell phones do not offer the same kind of capacity as many standalone MP3 players, especially if you're the type of person who is more accustomed to the full size iPod and its 20GB, 40GB, or even 80GB of internal memory.
  • Not all sites are created equal, and like many digital download sites, some of these MP3 search engines can take you to disreputable places where you definitely don't want to download anything, let alone leave your credit card number.
  • After downloading these music batch files -- "torrents" typically contain entire albums, discographies, or collections -- you can either burn the music on a CD or upload it to your favorite portable MP3 player (like the iPod nano).