Sentence Examples

  • Bagged mozzarella, a can of tomato sauce, and a prepared crust are the basics, but it's easy to go beyond these ingredients and experiment with sweet or savory vegetarian toppings and other sauces.
  • The process if very simple - all you have to do is slice up some fresh mozzarella cheese, and layer it in between slices of tomato with a basil leaf stuffed in between them.
  • But I'm sure if you wanted to grill up some regular old style tomato sauce and Mozzarella pizzas as part of your Roman theme party food none of your guests would protest.
  • You can use this crust recipe for any type of filling such as Swiss chard and red onions, acorn squash and apples, or sautéed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and eggs.
  • Traditionally, people make a soft, unripened cheese called chèvre with the milk, but you can also make ricotta and mozzarella very easily and without a lot of equipment.