Sentence Examples

  • Following the viewing recommendations that correspond with MPAA ratings can help parents make informed decisions about which films are acceptable for children to watch, but the system certainly isn't foolproof.
  • According to the MPAA, in the year 2002, Bombay produced 1,013 movies compared to Hollywood's 739. 3.6 billion tickets were sold for Bollywood's movies compared to 2.6 billion in Hollywood.
  • Instead of basing decisions about what kids can watch based solely on MPAA ratings, parents who use this service can learn additional details about movie content.
  • In the 1970s, the Hays Code was replaced with the MPAA film rating system, allowing more creative freedom when making movies.
  • MPAA ratings are based on a wide variety of criteria, and categorize films based on perceived age appropriateness of content.