Sentence Examples

  • Do keep a pack of gum handy, but also be sure to brush your teeth and tongue two to three times daily, floss, use mouthwash, and avoid foods with garlic, onions, and other ingredients that cause bad breath.
  • For a young girl or boy, this means taking more time to clean the body, especially the sexual organs, to treat acne, use mouthwash for bad breath, and deodorant for stronger body odor.
  • Take with a clean mouth, but do not brush your teeth, use mouthwash or any other oral care product up to half an hour before taking the remedy.
  • I tell my clients to use Crest Extra White plus Scope Toothpaste and Scope White Mouthwash to keep their smile white and their breath fresh.
  • Scope just came out with new Scope White Mouthwash - it gives you fresh breath and a whiter smile all in one quick easy step you can do.