Sentence Examples

  • The soundtrack has held its ground with critics in a year of already successful soundtracks like Moulin Rouge and O Brother, Where Art Thou, and eventually sold several million copies.
  • In a cottage in the environs of Paris called Le Moulin joli, there sat at the same table an old man engraving and an old woman whom he called his meuniere also engraving.
  • The last design they were at work upon represented the Moulin joli, the house of Marguerite, with the device Cur valle permutem Sabina divitias operosiores?
  • The new Directors, Gohier and Moulin, were honest but incapable and narrow-minded.
  • Gohier and Moulin, on refusing to retire, were placed under a military guard; and General Moreau showed his political incapacity by discharging this duty, for the benefit of Bonaparte.