Sentence Examples

  • Paths tend to meander rather than run in straight lines and are frequently made of brick, slate or flagstone, often planted with creeping thyme or other ground covers to create the mossy illusion of an older pathway.
  • Rock Beauty (Petrocallis) - P. pyrenaica is a beautiful little alpine plant, forming dense cushions 2 to 3 inches high, resembling a mossy Saxifrage, with fragrant pale lilac flowers, faintly veined, coming in April.
  • Any of the Pyrolas are worth growing in thin mossy copses on light sandy vegetable soil, or in moist and half-shady parts of the rock garden or the fernery, where they make neat evergreen carpets, flowering in summer.
  • The place smelled like a mossy garden.
  • The man with mossy eyes turned down a corner and vanished from his sight and thoughts.