Sentence Examples

  • - It consists of thousands of monosyllabic roots, each having a definite meaning.
  • Originally Siamese was purely monosyllabic, that is, each true word consisted of a single vowel sound preceded by, or followed by, a consonant.
  • The language now consists of about 15,000 words, of which compounds of two monosyllabic words and appropriations from foreign sources form a very large part.
  • (iv.) The Siamese or Thai, who speak a monosyllabic language of the Chinese type, but written in an Indian alphabet, represent a late invasion from southern China, whence they descended about the 13th century.
  • Burmese, which was spoken by 7,006,495 people in the province in 1901, is a monosyllabic language, with, according to some authorities, three different tones; so that any given syllable may have three entirely different meanings only distinguishable by the intonation when spoken, or by accents or diacritical marks when written.