Sentence Examples

  • The general monomial symmetric function is a P1 a P2 a P3.
  • Since dp4+(-)P+T1(p +q qi 1)!dd4, the solutions of the partial differential equation d P4 =o are the single bipart forms, omitting s P4, and we have seen that the solutions of p4 = o are those monomial functions in which the part pq is absent.
  • P operators D upon a monomial symmetric function is clear.
  • (ii.) By means of the commutative law we can collect like terms of a monomial, numbers being regarded as like terms. Thus the above expression is equal to 6a 5 bc 2, which is, of course, equal to other expressions, such as 6ba 5 c 2.
  • In order that a monomial containing a m as a factor may be divisible by a monomial containing a p as a factor, it is necessary that p should be not greater than m.