Sentence Examples

  • Citric acid, being tribasic, forms either acid monometallic, acid dimetallic or neutral trimetallic salts; thus, mono-, diand tri-potassium and sodium citrates are known.
  • The first set may be called monometallic, the second dimetallic, and the third trimetallic salts.
  • (K,Na,NH 4)H 5 (PO 4)2, are also known; these may be regarded as composed of a monometallic phosphate with phosphoric acid, thus M'H 2 PO 4 H 3 PO 4.
  • The monometallic salts are strongly acid, the dimetallic are neutral or faintly alkaline, whilst the soluble trimetallic salts are strongly alkaline.
  • The monometallic salts of the alkalis and alkaline earths may be obtained in crystal form, but those of the heavy metals are only stable when in solution.