Sentence Examples

  • Rows of computers and monitors lined the room.
  • At the time when further armaments were suspended, the effective strength of the Argentine navy consisted of 3 ironclads, 6 first-class armoured cruisers, 2 monitors (old), 4 second-class cruisers, 2 torpedo cruisers, 3 destroyers, 3 high-sea torpedo boats, 14 river torpedo boats, 1 training ship, 5 transports, and various auxiliary vessels.
  • Many of the "monitors" are semi-aquatic, e.g.
  • Sir Reginald Bacon had contemplated an attack on it with monitors, but the Admiralty had disapproved, and it was not till the appointment of Rear-Adml.
  • Out to seaward were the two monitors "Erebus" and "Terror" for bombarding the batteries.