Sentence Examples

  • Monitions to amend may be decreed and be enforced by significavit and writ de contumace capiendo, or by excommunication with imprisonment not to exceed six months (53 Geo.
  • He dwelt upon the illumination of the mind and soul by direct communion with the Creative Spirit; upon the spiritual and poetic monitions of external nature; and upon the benefit to man of a serene mood and a simple way of life.
  • These monitions and prescriptions are rapidly becoming a deadletter, but they possess a certain historical interest.
  • Cheste Bogno 0 ' ?4 L le of R misconduct, he is only checked-so far as ecclesiastical order is concerned-by his oath of canonical obedience to the " godly " monitions of his bishop; and, since these monitions are difficult and costly to enforce, while their " godliness " may be a matter of opinion, an incumbent is practically himself the interpreter of the law as applied to the doctrine and ritual of his particular church.
  • Successive generations obeyed the monitions of the Inner Light.