Sentence Examples

  • Battery Barn is a mom-and-pop website and store near Chicago, Illinois that has access to almost every Norelco battery, so if Amazon and the Norelco-Philips store doesn't provide you any luck, try here.
  • We were and still are the first large retailer to enter the niche, which until now was served by a handful of mom-and-pop catalog and online retailers offering a limited selection of products.
  • No matter if the retailer is a large, national chain or a mom-and-pop store, they recognize the potential increase in sales the day after Thanksgiving and the weekend following.
  • A lot of mom-and-pop shops have set up Internet storefronts for their small gardening operations, so you can still support small business while shopping from home!
  • These are basically your mom-and-pop shops that will do just about anything they can to get and keep your business so the "big boys" don't get it.