Sentence Examples

  • In addition to a tube of coffee lip balm, the set also includes four jars of mineral eye shadow and blush (including barely-peach Apricot, soft violet-rose Berry Essence, vivid rose Raisin Red and dusky tan Mocha).
  • The gems are primarily colorless and near-colorless shades, though subtle variations to the chemical gases can lead to champagne diamonds and other rare hues such as mocha and platinum that are highly sought after for rare jewelry.
  • Flavor: While basic flavors - white, chocolate, red velvet - are easy choices, cupcakes can be made from more gourmet tastes as well, such as mocha espresso, cinnamon, dark chocolate fudge, orange cream, and more.
  • Textured Flower Check: Minimal and chic at once, this unusual pattern incorporates a flower print in combinations of mocha, sage green, navy blue and sky blue, or pink, warm green, yellow and dark green..
  • Additionally, vitamin A also offers the Sapphire Shimmer look in mocha, but this time the swirl pattern on the top is also featured on the bottom portion of the swimsuit.