Sentence Examples

  • Lana hid between the boulders, gaze glued to the area where the laser missiles dropped.
  • As a young commander of cavalry (praefectus alae) he wrote in his winter-quarters a work on the use of missiles on horseback (de jaculatione equestri), with some account of the points of a good horse (viii.
  • Realizing the inefficiency of their old missiles when opposed to musket balls, they laid aside their bows, and armed themselves with spears, swords or other weapons fitted for close combat.
  • As to the use of bad language, people in the 2nd century were glad to avail themselves of such missiles as iliev&aurooroXot, which had been manufactured for them in the 1st (Horn.
  • High, with its several parts rising tier above tier to permit concerted action, and alive with large bodies of troops ready to pour, from every coign of vantage, missiles of death - arrows, stones, Greek fire - upon a foe.