Sentence Examples

  • Many of the islands are of volcanic formation; and a well-defined volcanic chain bounds the Cretan Sea on the north, including Milo and Kimolos, Santorin (Thera) and Therasia, and extends to Nisyros.
  • TITUS ANNIUS MILO, Roman political agitator, was the son of C. Papius Celsus, but was adopted by his mother's father, T.
  • Milo was tribune of the plebs in 57 B.C. He took a prominent part in bringing about the recall of Cicero from exile, in spite of the opposition of Clodius.
  • In 53, when Milo was candidate for the - consulship and Clodius for the praetorship, the two leaders met by accident on the Appian Way at Bovillae and Clodius was murdered (January 52).
  • Milo was impeached; his guilt was clear, and his enemies took every means of intimidating his supporters and his judges.