Sentence Examples

  • Tupelo wood is used today for furniture, millwork, veneer, plywood, bridge ties, crossties, crossing planks, and shipping containers.
  • One of the most obvious locations for custom millwork, a home library is an entire space devoted to walls of books.
  • The only drawback, however, is that fixed shelving and millwork offers little flexibility in the future.
  • Jim Illingworth Millwork specializes in creating custom windows and historic reproductions.
  • He was a voluminous writer on subjects directly connected with his chair, and, besides contributing almost weekly to the technical journals, such as the Engineer, brought out a series of standard textbooks on Civil Engineering, The Steam-Engine and other Prime Movers, Machinery and Millwork, and Applied Mechanics, which have passed through many editions, and have contributed greatly to the advancement of the subjects with which they deal.