Sentence Examples

  • Beware of experts whose claim to expertise is "reading a lot" or "doing a TV show" or even only doing investigations - 20 years of bad investigative methodology makes one an expert in (wait for it)…..bad investigative methodology.
  • Definitely research any program you're interested in before enrolling, and ask the lead instructor as many questions as necessary to make sure the discipline and methodology is right for you.
  • As part of the rich heritage of the Chinese culture, the varied stories of Chinese zodiac origin offer colorful fables that enhance the mystique of this ancient astrological methodology.
  • The areas of certification include: Project Management, Six Sigma, Contract Management, IS Security, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Human Resources, ROI Methodology and Leadership.
  • Attachment parenting is a methodology of parenting that is very hands on and strives to assure the mental and emotional health of a child by instilling feelings of intense security.