Sentence Examples

  • In fact, the quality of meat contained in pet food is generally unfit for human consumption, and to add insult to injury, large amounts of melamine are just another reason to be skeptical of commercial brand pet foods.
  • It is difficult to scratch the surface of laminate flooring, but over time, your German Shepherd running to meet you at the door may begin to wear down the melamine and eventually scratch up the pattern underneath.
  • In the past, research has shown that both dogs and rats can handle high doses of melamine in their systems, but this does raise the question why it would ever need to be in their systems in the first place.
  • During that recall, Hill's tested its own products for traces of melamine, the substance found in rice and wheat proteins that was identified as the contaminent in a number of the recalled brands.
  • Although manufacturers and researchers are not one-hundred percent clear whether or not melamine is the exact cause of the pet deaths, melamine was found in the urine of the cats who died.