Sentence Examples

  • 8, Megaron, with roof supported on four columns, and the circular hearth in the r8, middle.
  • Second, the main chamber is of what is known as the megaron type, i.e.
  • Material for reconstructing the megaron or Hearth of Despoina was found at Lycosura.
  • Here was what seems to have been the basement of a very large hall or " Megaron," approached directly from the central court, and near this were found further reliefs, fresco representations of scenes of the bull-ring with female as well as male toreadors, and remains of a magnificent gaming-board of gold-plated ivory with intarsia work of crystal plaques set on silver plates and blue enamel (cyanus).
  • This gives access to a whole series of halls and private rooms (halls " of the Colonnades," " of the Double Axes," " Queen's Megaron" with bath-room attached and remains of the fish fresco, " Treasury " with ivory figures and other objects of art), together with extensive remains of an upper storey.

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