Sentence Examples

  • The product of Cleveland breweries in 1905 was valued at $3,986,059, and of slaughtering and meatpacking houses in the same year at $10,426,535.
  • In 1901 there was one saladero, or meatpacking establishment, in the Orinoco-Apure region, but it did not.
  • Among the more important manufactures of the city in 1905 were the following, with the value of the product for that year: clothing ($16,972,484), slaughtering and meatpacking products ($13,446,202), foundry and machine-shop products ($11,528,768), boots and shoes ($10,596,928), distilled liquors ($9,609,826), malt liquors ($7,702,693), and carriages and wagons ($6,323,803).
  • The principal industry is slaughtering and meatpacking.