Sentence Examples

  • Md, Muscle from tergite of genital somite to entosternum (same as dpm in fig.
  • Md difficult to regard coniferous forests as a natural ecological group. At much higher altitudes, in the south-west of the Mediterranean region, forests occur of the Atlantic cedar (Cedrus atlantica).
  • On his return he was made a navy commissioner (November 1815), an office which he held until his death, which took place in a duel with Commodore James Barron at Bladensburg, Md., on the 22nd of March 1820.
  • U '= - dx -md x, ' - dy -m dy, w = - dz-mdz' as in § 25 (I), a first integral of the equations in (5) may be written dp V + 2q 2 - d - n dt +14-14) (dx + m dz) +(v-v') (+m) +(w - w) (+m) =F(t), (7) in which d4, do, d?
  • Its railway mileage in January 1907 was J33.6 m.; the Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington (Pennsylvania system), the Baltimore & Philadelphia (Baltimore & Ohio system), and the Wilmington & Northern (Philadelphia & Reading system) cross the northern part of the state, while the Delaware railway (leased by the Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington) runs the length of the state below Wilmington, and another line, the Maryland, Delaware & Virginia (controlled by the Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic railway, which is related to the Pennsylvania system), connects Lewes, Del., with Love Point, Md., on the Chesapeake Bay.