Sentence Examples

  • While no official cause of death has been pronounced, it is widely speculated that Mays' death was the direct result of being struck in the head with an object after a harsh airplane landing the night before his passing.
  • At the time of his death, Mays was being treated for chronic hip problems and although the reports seem a bit salacious, the levels of pain killers in his system were said to be "therapeutic" levels and not elevated.
  • In addition to his infomercials, which made him a household name, Mays was the co-star of the Discovery Channel reality TV series Pitchmen, which followed Mays and fellow advertising star Anthony Sullivan (Sully).
  • Mays is one of the noblest of the grasses that thrive in our climate, almost indispensable to our gardens, with its fine appearance either isolated or associated with other fine-leaved plants.
  • Initially, authorities believed that Mays died of a heart attack, but now, an autopsy report is revealing that there may have been a bunch of other contributing factors to Mays' death.