Sentence Examples

  • Choosing these high-end products is especially important for individuals with fine or delicate hair or those with special hair care needs for whom mass-market items will not suffice.
  • Small ship cruise employment is ideal for those who enjoy traveling on the high seas, but rather not work for large mass-market cruise companies that make you feel more like a number than a member of the family.
  • By placing ads through mass-market gateways like Google, your marketing will incorporate a more shotgun approach: by spreading the word widely, the return on investment will more than likely be reached.
  • Mass-market publications may prefer people on the lower-educated end of the spectrum as you have enough knowledge to understand scientific concepts while still remaining essentially a layperson.
  • Due to popular demand, the book is still available as a mass-market paperback, or you may be able to find it in used bookstores, as well.