Sentence Examples

  • Nintendo could no longer just sit back and own over 90% of the market; Sega wanted a big piece of that pie.When Sonic the Hedgehog hit shelves in 1991, Sega abandoned its old mascot -- Alex Kidd -- in favour of a new blue friend.
  • Designers got to work by analysing the 'flaws' of Nintendo's mascot, who when stripped to his basic elements is essentially a plumber that jumps on his enemies and slowly progresses through the mushroom kingdom.
  • Building on the popularity of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the company with Mario as its mascot jumped into the 16-bit era with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or the Super Famicom as it was called in Japan.
  • Just like the cheerleaders have certain cheers that they do at various points during a game, the school mascot can also have certain cheers that he or she does to either the school fight song, or during a certain play on the field.
  • A typical mascot costume comes with an oversized character mascot head with see-thru eye mesh, a furry bodysuit with attached tail and miniature brandy barrel, large paw-like mittens with hidden openings, and a pair of foot covers.