Sentence Examples

  • 40); in John, His mother stands with the two other Marys and the beloved disciple beneath the cross, and " from that hour the disciple took her unto his own (house)," while in the older literature His mother does not appear in Jerusalem till just before Pentecost, and with " His brethren " (Acts i.
  • Marco (now converted into a national museum), a series of frescoes, beginning towards 1443; in the first cloister is the Crucifixion with St Dominic kneeling; and the same treatment recurs on a wall near the dormitory; in the chapterhouse is a third Crucifixion, with the Virgin swooning, a composition of twenty life-sized figures - the red background, which has a strange and harsh effect, is the misdoing of some restorer; an "Annunciation," the figures of about three-fourths of life-size, in a dormitory; in the adjoining passage, the "Virgin enthroned," with four saints; on the wall of a cell, the "Coronation of the Virgin," with Saints Paul, Thomas Aquinas, Benedict, Dominic, Francis and Peter Martyr; two Dominicans welcoming Jesus, habited as a pilgrim; an "Adoration of the Magi"; the "Marys at the Sepulchre."
  • He could trade upon Edwards precocious hatred of Marys religion, he could rely upon French fears of her Spanish inclinations, and the success which bad attended his schemes in England deluded him into a belief that he could supplant the Tudor with a Dudley dynasty.
  • He wanted flon of England to be first firmly tied to the Habsburg interests ~ by Marys marriage with Philip. Nor was it generally anticipated that Mary would do more than restore religion as it had been left by her father.
  • Only his arrogance and procrastination and Marys own courage saved her throne.